Aurora chief of police Vanessa Wilson fired for enforcing anti-racist police reform

The Colorado Attorney General found that a pattern and practice of racist police at the Aurora Police Department.  After a Court orders the police department to stop its illegal practices, the new Chief of Police Vanessa Wilson vows to clean up the department.

Chief Wilson then fires police officers who made racist comments, ridiculed the murder of Elijah McClain, and used excessive force against minorities.  For her attempts to reform the Aurora Police Department and eradicate racist policing, new members of the Aurora City Council conducted a targeted campaign to get her fired.  Chief Wilson refuses to cave to council members who deny racist policing so  City fires her unlawfully.

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson not resigning |

City Leaders Declare it would be Mistake to Oust Chief:  Ousting Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson would be a mistake (

Former Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson plans to sue city over firing – CBS Colorado (

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