Greisen Medlock sues state of Colorado over Abuse of Transgender Women in Prison

Across the county, thousands of transgender women are housed in male prison where they are subjected to rape and sex trafficking by male inmates.  These women, most of whom have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and receive hormone treatment, are denied the basic protections and housing provided to the cisgender community, and leave in daily fear of sexual assault and beatings.  Greisen Medlock, as co-counsel with the Transgender Law Center, has sued the state prison system to ensure that these women are treated with dignity and respect, and as the women that they are.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Colorado Department Of Corrections Alleges The Systemic Abuse Of Transgender Women Prisoners | Colorado Public Radio (

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Colorado Continues Its Abuse of Incarcerated Trans Woman After Brutal Rape – INTO (

“These women are targets”: Transgender women fight for their rights in Colorado’s prisons – CBS News

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