Greisen Medlock Lawyers Sue Fertility Doctor Inseminating Patients with his Own Sperm

Paula Greisen filed a lawsuit on behalf of a mother and her daughters after the family learned the mother’s fertility doctor – Paul Jones of Women’s Healthcare of Colorado in Grand Junction – had performed artificial inseminations on the mother using his own sperm. Jones had told the mother that the donor would be an “anonymous” man she did not know, most likely a medical student from a local hospital, who had the same general appearance as the mother’s husband. Instead, he used his own sperm to inseminate her – as well as many, many other women. “If you put your semen into someone who doesn’t know what you’re doing, that’s an assault,” explained Paula Greisen. “It’s my understanding that he was doing this for a period of over twenty years.”

“It’s criminal, it’s immoral and it’s simply incomprehensible,” Greisen told The Denver Post.

Griesen tells the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel at least eleven children matched to Jones by DNA.

“It shakes your identity and where you fit in this world and that was extremely difficult,” our client told CBS4.

Jury awards nearly $9 million to families suing Colorado fertility doctor who used his own sperm to impregnate patients – Denver Post.


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